Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hmm, where to start, how about with a convict?

I have wanted to start this blog for a bit, but finally have enough "fodder" to post and talk about.
I have been on Match.com on and off for about a year, with a break here and there for some dating relationships, but nothing too serious for the most part.
I seriously have picked some winners and have definitely learned from them as well.
About a year and a half ago I was contacted by a guy on Match that seemed to be a good fit, involved with sports, worked for a local university (not the one I attended), liked to golf and liked to travel.  We went to dinner three times, all of the times we met at the restaurant because I do not like people to pick me up at my house until I know they are somewhat normal.
During the first meal, he smiled and flashed his metal mouth.  This metal mouth was nowhere in pictures on his profile, which I assumed were recent.  Don't get me wrong, I was in braces for about 4.5 years and can appreciate someone trying to better themselves and their self esteem, but a little warning please.
So after I got past the part that he had braces, I had to listen to him brag about his job and all of the perks that go along with it.  Some of those perks were, a dealer car from a local dealership that he could trade in and up often, the ability to fly with the team on the university jet to any away sporting event, tons of golf opportunities and the ability to go to just about any game big or small that the university was playing in.  Reminder, I did not attend this school and can't really stand the school, so the fact that he was trying to brag about the sporting events didn't really impress me.  He also bragged about the fact that he didn't have to work many hours at all and basically had summers off.  That part sounded nice.  He said he was spending his summer working with an architect for a house he wanted to build on a large piece of land between the town where the university is and the larger metropolitan area here in the Midwest.  I was thinking all of this was a bit suspicious for a person in their early 30's and with a job working for a state school.  After a few more dates/brag sessions for him,  I decided we didn't have much in common and this wasn't going anywhere.  No more than 3 months later, I signed onto the local newspaper and there was his face for ticket fraud, tax evasion etc.  He was being investigated by the FBI and was in big trouble.  Turns out, he was part of a big ticket scandal at the university.  This investigation took place for about a year and ended with an indictment and sentencing for him and the others involved.  He's in the slammer for about 46 months and when he gets out he will owe a couple million dollars.
During his investigation, he would text me and ask how I was, if I knew of any jobs, etc.  I finally replied to him and asked him not to contact me again and that he probably didn't need to worry about a job as he was going to be pretty busy soon (meaning prison).
The day of the sentencing my dad sent me the link to the news story with a message saying:  I guess we won't need to save a place for him at any upcoming Thanksgivings.
That's the first match...it can only get better from there right?  We shall see...

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