Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So much to catch up on, but let's just start with a little teaser....
For some reason, a man on Match.com slipped thru my filter settings and was able to wink and send me a message.  He lives in a town about 20 miles south of me, no educational background, no similar interests, faith background, hobbies, nothing!
In his profile picture he is wearing a Nascar tshirt of some kind.  I imagine his fingernails to be nubs and black under the nail part if there is any.  Bad, I know.
The message said "Hey there, I noticed you live near me.  How about you pick up some carryout for dinner for us and a Redbox dvd sometime this week?"
How about, no!  Are you kidding me?
Oh, forgot to mention, he had a rat tail in his profile picture, yes a rat tail.

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  1. Micah thinks you really missed out and you should reconsider this one....