Friday, May 20, 2011


If you haven't seen the movie Bridesmaids, run don't walk to your local theatre or Chinatown and buy a pirated copy.  I saw this movie tonight with some friends and family members, pretty hilarious.  It was honestly laugh out loud funny.
I sat next to a woman in her mid 40's (judging by her hands and crow's feet and slow texting skills) who didn't laugh at much during the movie.  I started to worry about her, then I looked over, realized she was texting with the annoying key click noise on and playing Angry Birds.  Listen here lady, if you want I would gladly take the $9.75 admission fee you basically flushed down the toilet.

One of the characters in the movie reminded me of a match, who we will call the golfer.  Seems nice, has it together, good job, nice car etc...but a total commitophobe.  We hang out for a few weeks, go to dinner, watch movies, go on walks, then he pulls a disappearing act and I don't hear from him, and then he reappears 90 days later only to do the same thing again.  Each reappearing act is more dramatic than the previous one.  Let's see the past excuses:  golf season got really busy.  And yes, he is a good golfer, but anyone that refers to golf as golf season better be a Tiger Woods type of pro or a high school or college golfer with an actual season they are playing in.  Another excuse was that his sister was sick.  Yes, this one is true, she did have cancer, but she lives in a different state and he barely visits her at all, so not real sure what that excuse was.  The most recent reappearance wasn't really accompanied by an excuse, just an apology and a bottle of pinot noir.  I took the wine, listened to the apology.  This time I think I am really done with him.  In fact, I am half tempted to drop the bottle of wine off on his doorstep, just not sure if I should leave it full, empty or shattered.  Suggestions?

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