Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spell check is important

Here is the first line of a profile I came across this evening:

About Me: What can I say about myself? I am your average fun loving 35 year old with a Batcholers degree in Bisness Administration. And  I spend my days volunteering at a local hospital doing clerical work and helping those in need. Personality: A bit Bashful, Philosophical & a Joker. Interests: Theise are always changing. But I tend to lean torward the conservitive side of what some consider fun. Although you will never catch me riding a motor sycle or bungie jumping off a bridge. I do enjoy the simpler things in life that are fun. Such as; going to the movies, taking walks in the park, or playing video games at home. Perfect Match: I am looking for that special someone to spend my free time with. This person need not be a super model to get my attention. Because I am looking for a long-term relation ship and I want to know the REAL you. And although children are not my forte, I have been known to grow to love them over time. Ideal Date: I would be lying if I said I was new to dating. But I do feel as if I know how to treat a woman with dignity and respect. An Ideal first date could be as extravagant as attending the local opera house or museum of fine arts, or as simple as meeting at a local pub or ice-cream shop. ^_^ *New* Would you like to play it safe and go on a virtual date first? I've been a proud member and citizen of SECOND LIFE for 6 years. Goto: www.secondlife.com to learn more. My in game name is the same.

There are lots of things that I think are nuts about this.  First, the spelling errors are horrendous. 
Next, a virtual first date?  WTF?  Not sure if I should be offended that Match actually suggested him to me.  
Moving on..

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